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Brinqa Cyber Risk Services were built for security; transforming security, context and threat data into knowledge-driven insights that empower organizations to own their cyber risk.

Versatile Risk Modeling

Exercise complete control over your cyber risk evaluation methodology.

Seamless Data Integration

Leverage our ever growing library of 100+ connectors to integrate a wide variety of security and business systems.

Value Based Risk Prioritization & Remediation

Prioritize assets, vulnerabilities, and incidents based on their impact and value to business.

Continuous Communication and Automation

Use Out of the Box metrics, reports and automation rules to streamline processes and engage stakeholders at every step of the process.


Understanding Application Risk Management

In this webinar we discuss how modern organizations strategically leverage existing investment in security tools (SAST, DAST, Open Source, Penetration Testing, CMDB, Asset Management, Threat Intel, ITSM) to design application security programs that identify, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities that pose the biggest threats to the organization — in a highly automated and efficient manner.

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