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The Best Vulnerability Management Programs Run on Brinqa

  • One integrated platform that automates the cyber-risk lifecycle for all your security tools, teams and programs
  • Live model of all assets, their vulnerabilities and relationships across the attack surface
  • Context-rich risk scoring that is easy to configure to your business priorities
  • Report risk in terms the rest of the business can understand and trust, between business applications, business units, and risk owners.
  • With Brinqa, we achieved a 90% reduction in critical vulnerabilities and a 75% reduction in high vulnerabilities!

    Plus, every team knows and trusts they are fixing the right stuff, risk scorecards inform and hold business unit owners accountable and we have a business view of the ecosystem that combines code, network infrastructure, and business context.

    Global Commercial Insurance Provider

  • Developers can log in to Brinqa to see all security findings related to their code instead of having to log into 10 separate AST consoles.

    This has led to a 10x reduction in developer time spent in security tools, an 85% reduction in security team time spent monthly to prepare risk reports and we can make real-time decisions on business application risk vs. monthly evaluation.

    Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation

  • I can better sleep at night knowing that we’ve reduced our vulnerability list by more than 85%.

    Brinqa paid for itself taking us from bad marks from the FDIC to ahead of our peers in a year. Plus, we have real-time tracking and reporting of threats and vulnerabilities for executives and the board and we established a true source of truth for vulnerabilities and tracking their remediation.

    U.S. Retail Bank