Risk Operations Center

A new approach for CISOs to elevate proactive security to reduce exposures pre-attack across the enterprise.


Overwhelmed by Vulnerabilities & Detection Tool Data

You can’t fix everything

Backlogs are impossible


You can't see everything

Visibility is fragmented

Ownership Complexity

You don’t know who owns what

Ownership is complex

Security Speak

Stakeholders don’t understand

Communicating risk is hard

Get proactive, cut risk exposure by 80%

Efficiently utilize security and remediation resources to precisely address the vulnerabilities and exposures that matter to your business – all while becoming a trusted cyber risk advisor to your executive stakeholders.

Asurion, the world’s leading tech care company, took a proactive approach and reduced risk by 80%.


The proactive yin to your reactive yang

When it comes to post-breach incident response, your SOC has it covered. Yet 76% of breaches stem from the exploitation of existing vulnerabilities.

A Risk Operations Center provides the proactive layer your security program is missing.

Stop obsessing over detection. Take a new approach to vulnerability management.

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Risk Operations Center

A new approach to managing exposures pre-attack

A Risk Operations Center (ROC) is the heart of a proactive security program. It streamlines workflows for managing and mitigating threat exposures from infrastructure, cloud, application security, and vulnerability management.

This enables CISOs to translate security findings into business impact that executives and boards can understand and act on.

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The Brinqa Platform

The Only Platform Purpose-Built to Run your Risk Operations Center

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