Overcoming fragmented visibility

Unify Vulnerabilities

Explore millions of security findings from dozens of sources in a single place.

The Dilemma

Stop winning battles but losing the war


Barraged by vulnerability data sources

The problem used to be not detecting vulnerabilities. Now it’s understanding millions from dozens of sources.


Your visibility lacks important context

Disparate detection sources don’t speak to each other or correlate business context into the risk equation.

Fragmented visibility is undermining your security efforts

Hours wasted jumping between data sources

Slower remediation due to disorganized data

Remediating the wrong issues, without context

The Opportunity

Supercharge security and remediation teams to prevent burnout

Recover security team bandwidth

Speed up remediation times

Find and fix what matters

Recover security team bandwidth

The benefits

Establish a single source of truth for your security team to access vulnerability data, so they can spend their time analyzing exposure and business impact

Speed up remediation times

The benefits

Automatically organize, de-duplicate and enrich security data from disparate data sources to remove operational friction in your vulnerability management workflows

Find and fix what matters

The benefits

Know what issues matter most using comprehensive risk context so your remediation teams are reducing business risk, not vuln counts

Take Action

The Brinqa Platform

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The Best Vulnerability Management Programs Unify Their Data with Brinqa

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