Overcoming operational complexity

Automate Remediation

Free your team from time-consuming, repetitive, manual tasks in the remediation ticketing process

The Dilemma

Start automating manual tasks to speed up security


Attackers are faster than you

On average, attackers exploit vulnerabilities in under 2 weeks while remediation takes over 4.5 weeks.


Your team isn’t as fast as they could be

Doing repetitive tasks manually slows down remediation, saps team bandwidth, and is prone to mistakes.

Slow vulnerability remediation processes are increasing your risk

Guaranteed to lose security team capacity to manual tasks

More likely to run expensive incident response playbooks

More likely to fall victim to ransomware and security breaches

The Opportunity

Lessen your workload. Save money. Improve your defenses.

Speed up critical path tasks tied to remediation

Save money on incident response

Reduce risk from detected vulnerabilities

Speed up critical path tasks tied to remediation

The benefits

Automate must-happen, repetitive steps in the remediation process like ticketing, ownership, and exceptions to reduce more risk, faster, with less effort

Save money on incident response

The benefits

Remediate more vulnerabilities and exposures with your existing capacity. Reduce the number of unplanned incident response playbooks your SOC needs to run.

Reduce risk from detected vulnerabilities

The benefits

Optimize your effectiveness by automating tedious remediation tasks so you can develop new ways to protect your business from ransomware and security breaches

Take Action

The Brinqa Platform

Automate remediation ticketing, ownership, and exceptions with Brinqa Precise Response

The Best Vulnerability Management Programs Automate Remediation with Brinqa

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