Overcoming impossible backlogs

Prioritize Vulnerabilities

Know the top 5% of all vulnerabilities threatening your business operations

The Dilemma

Don't put vulnerability prioritization on the backburner


Your threat debt is compounding 

Unaddressed security findings detected by your scans and audits have grown substantially over the years.


Attackers are capitalizing on known vulnerabilities

76% of breaches stem from the exploitation of existing vulnerabilities.

Poor vulnerability prioritization constantly taxes your existing resources

Countless hours are lost due to manual efforts

Incident response costs are higher

Business is disrupted without lowering risk

The Opportunity

Start reclaiming your security and remediation resources

Regain security analyst productivity

Reduce the business impact of incidents

Optimize remediation resources

Regain security analyst productivity

The benefits

Automate risk scoring to free up security analyst time so they can implement strategic improvements to security posture

Reduce the business impact of incidents

The benefits

Correlate signals from the vulnerability, your business, and threat intelligence to lower the cost of downstream incidents by accurately prioritize critical issues

Optimize remediation resources

The benefits

Create transparent risk scores to document which vulnerabilities are escalated or deprioritized to put more focus and speed on remediating what matters most

Take Action

The Brinqa Platform

Prioritize security findings in a risk-based way, consistently, at scale with Brinqa Smart Scoring

The Best Vulnerability Management Programs Prioritize with Brinqa

See How We Do It

Experience the power of Brinqa in a short video and see what a modern approach to risk-based vulnerability management looks like.