Application Security Posture Management

Unify siloed AST results and prioritize them across traditional and cloud-native apps to take your AppSec program to the next level

More Apps + More Security Testing = More Problems

Overloaded with AppSec Findings

Not feasible to remediate everything


Impossible to Prioritize

Findings lack sufficient risk context

Ownership Complexity

Poor Ownership Identification

Pinpointing ownership across the SDLC is hard

Security Speak

Reporting No One Believes

Stakeholders aren’t motivated to act

Get it together, shrink AppSec data silos by 75%

Unify your application security testing results from SAST, DAST, SCA, penetration tests and more into one view that correlates findings with context to establish a business-centric view of risk.

Focus resources on the findings that matter

You can’t fix them all – and you shouldn’t. Prioritize your limited capacity on the AppSec findings that pose the most risk to the business.

How do you do that? Put context to work to create actionable risk scores you can trust.

Automate AppSec workflows

Resolve AppSec findings faster with automatic ticketing, including ownership, and creating reports that motivate the business to address security risks.

Reports everyone understands

Clearly communicate business risks to executives and provide always-updated security dashboards to development teams — all from the same place.

The Brinqa Platform

One place to manage your complete Application Security lifecycle.

The Best Vulnerability Management Programs Run on Brinqa

“Brinqa enabled us to connect our disparate application security testing initiatives into a cohesive application risk management strategy.”

Fortune 500 Company

Brinqa customer

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