Oct 22, 2012

Listening to our customers to build a better Brinqa

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Talking and listening – people and businesses need to do both – and do them well – every day.

Huzefa Olia, Director & Kevin Gallagher, VP

In the past few months, Brinqa has been hard at work on both.  Besides constantly improving its own products and processes and forging new alliances with new business partners, the Brinqa team has been hitting the road to listen to what customers need and to tell them about what the firm has to offer.

At the Spring ISACA conference in Los Angeles, Brinqa CEO Amad Fida chatted about “Cutting the Cost of Compliance with Controls Automation and Monitoring,” a topic that hit home with the hundreds of attendees.

“One of the most consistent topics of discussion was the need for companies to have the ability to aggregate and report on risk data,” said Kevin Gallagher, Brinqa’s VP of Sales.  “This is obviously a very strong need in the marketplace right now and plays exactly to one of Brinqa’s greatest strengths.”

The team then headed to Miami for the FS-ISAC & BITS Annual Summit, where financial services industry issues came to the fore.  Brinqa, already a leader in GRC services in this segment, was able to explain how its platform and systems can simplify and automate the mostly manual GRC processes still in place at many banks and institutions.

An interesting aspect of the Miami event was how the definition of exactly what GRC is varies greatly from person to person and industry to industry.  “You can ask 50 people what GRC is and you can get nearly 50 answers,” Kevin Gallagher said.  “The great thing is that while people had different definitions, they all had a need and desire for GRC programs.  This was great news for us, as our platform and five targeted applications help jump-start these programs, and are customizable to fit practically any definition of GRC anyone may have.”

Finally, just a couple of weeks ago, the Brinqa Advisory Board held its annual meeting.  The Board brings together Brinqa executives with expert customers, folks that Brinqa can depend upon for intelligent honest feedback about the industry and the company.  A number of different industries were represented, from banking to retail to insurance.  The agenda included discussions centering on compliance, controls automation, risk metrics, and general vulnerabilities.

“It was a truly positive meeting and we received some really useful feedback while being able to tell some of our most valued partners about new and upcoming developments in the industry and at Brinqa,” said Brinqa president Hilda Perez.

Paul de Graaff, Sr. Vice President and Global Information Security Officer, AIG; John O’Donnel, GTO/COO IT Governance & Control, Deutsche Bank; Kevin Gallagher, VP Sales, Brinqa; Bob Gleason, Director of Sales, Brinqa; Amad Fida, CEO, Brinqa; Gary Eppinger, CISO and Vice President, Retail Market Development, Legal and Pharmacy Systems, SuperValu; Hilda Perez, President, Brinqa; Louis Rosenthal, Principal, Rosenthal Advisors, LLC


Now that’s a picture of talking and listening, the Brinqa way.

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