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Brinqa and Checkmarx have partnered to deliver the world’s most complete application security solution.

Check out our Solution Brief and watch a demo video of the partnership in action below.


Brinqa Adds Application Security
Posture Management to Checkmarx

Explosions of Tools and Findings


Add threat intel and business context to Checkmarx findings


Prioritize Checkmarx results alongside other findings

Streamline Remediation

Improve the remediation ticketing and tracking process

Continuously Report

Identify real-time, actionable risk insights you can trust

Application Security Posture Management in Action

See exactly how Brinqa integrates with Checkmarx One to correlate context, prioritize risk, streamline remediation and continuously report on your application security posture.

Transform Your Approach to Application Security

Talk to one of our experts and see how this partnership can help your organization improve your organization’s application security posture management.

✅ Prioritize Checkmarx findings with business context and threat intelligence
✅ Continuously report on risks and remediation progress across your attack surface
✅ Automate and streamline the application security remediation process

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