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Risk Models

The risk prioritization model is the foundation of the correlation and analysis for the aggregated data.  The risk model provides advanced quantitative risk scoring, statistical risk models and scenario testing.  Quantitative risk score calculations factor in all relevant parameters such as weights, classifications, tolerances, thresholds, and data normalizations in establishing an accurate representation of risk

Data Collection

The Brinqa Connector Framework handles the collection of external data from any source.  Each data source is easily set up from the user interface. The data definition function provides mapping from the source to the Brinqa data model.  The data is then available for reviewing, searching and analyzing to develop risk mitigation strategies and plans.

Assess And Survey

The assessment functionality delivers a full life cycle for all types of risk assessments. It offers a comprehensive library of questions to create, edit and launch campaigns.  In addition, a complete workflow engine enables multiple levels of reviews when required.   The availability of multiple filters, rule definitions, mapping to metrics or attributes all contribute to

Calculation And Analysis

The Brinqa Risk Analytics Engine can create custom risk metrics to address unique company requirements.   This includes the ability to define complex mathematical calculations, adjustable weights, tolerances and thresholds.  As metrics are defined they are available throughout the application and can be leveraged for risk scores, and for combining into other metrics, reporting or dashboards.

Metrics Dashboards

The flexible and modular Brinqa Dashboard and View model combines and displays critical and actionable information for easy access and reporting.   The chart integration includes thousands of charts to select from.  All setup is driven from the user interface and includes drill down capabilities for detailed views of the metadata.   The convenience and manageability of

Intelligence Reporting

The fully integrated report builder enables building custom reports based on specific requirements or selection from out-of-the-box reports.  Reporting on compliance, assessment findings, business unit specific metrics or any number of combinations is managed from the user interface.  Reports can be easily exported in multiple formats such as PDF for distribution.

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