Fortune 500 Healthcare Firm: Application Risk
" With Brinqa Application Risk Service, we connected our disparate application security testing initiatives into a cohesive application risk management strategy. "
The customer is a global Fortune 500 healthcare firm providing medical services and health insurance throughout the US and in major international markets. As an organization that has seen significant M&A activity, the customer has acquired a great variety of software assets and application security tools over the years. A recent redesign of the application security program aims to reduce the variance in application testing tools and risk remediation processes.


  • Consistent asset management process
  • Asset sensitivity, criticality and impact ratings
  • Risk-centric vulnerability prioritization
  • Improved critical applications security posture
  • Vulnerability volume reduction
  • Consistent, efficient  remediation efforts
  • Enforced remediation ownership and SLAs
  • Continuous stakeholder engagement