May 15, 2024

RSA 2024 Video On Demand: CISO Panel on Risk and Resiliency

by Brinqa Security Team
RSA 2024 ciso event summary



RSA Video On Demand: CISO Panel on Risk and Resiliency

Did you miss out on the RSA meeting of Chief Information Security Officers last week? If so, you can now watch the full 50 minute Proactive Security Panel and share it with others.

The CISOs on this RSA panel shared solid, candid and pragmatic advice you won’t learn in a book. From unconventional strategies to hard-earned lessons, these are insights that can only come from those in the trenches. Tune in as Colin Anderson of Dayforce, Jim Desmond from Asurion, Laura Whitt Winyard from Hummingbird, and Timothy Youngblood, formerly at T-mobile get radically candid with their thoughts on risk, resilience and these topics:

Assessing Risk: All CVEs are not created equal. Different systems pose different risks, and vulnerabilities pose unique threats to different industries, so each sector needs to think about exposure management with their business context in mind. Discover how our panelists leverage contextual insights to understand real risks, adapt strategies, and maintain a proactive stance in the face of complexity and overwhelming volume of CVEs.

Understanding What’s Material:  CISOs must understand what constitutes a material breach. Our panel delves into practical strategies for assessing materiality, cutting through the noise to focus on what poses the most significant risks to your organization.

Navigating Board Communications: When it comes to communicating security matters to the board of directors, timing and context are everything. Learn from our CISOs’ experiences on when and what to share, crafting messages that resonate without overwhelming or underwhelming the board.

Collaborating with Legal: The intersection of cybersecurity and legal considerations can be a complex and delicate one. Hear firsthand accounts of when and how to collaborate with legal teams effectively, navigating regulatory requirements, liability concerns, and more.

Watch the RSA Panel video now and share it with those who need to hear these candid lessons.

Watch the RSA Panel video now


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