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Application Security Posture Management

Unify AppSec silos, prioritize findings with risk context, and improve your security posture at scale


More AppSec Scans Are Creating New Problems

Overloaded with AppSec Findings

Not feasible to remediate everything

Impossible to Prioritize

Findings lack sufficient risk context

Poor Ownership Identification

Pinpointing ownership across the SDLC is hard


Stakeholders aren’t motivated to act

Unify your AppSec silos

Improve your application security posture by unifying your application security testing results from SAST, DAST, SCA, penetration tests and more into a dynamic graph database.

Correlate additional business context, threat intelligence, and compensating controls with these results to establish a business-centric view of application risk.

Focus resources on the findings that matter

You can’t fix it all – and you shouldn’t. Prioritize your limited capacity on the AppSec findings that pose the most risk to the business. To do that, you need to correlate your risk context with AppSec findings.

Brinqa creates a universal risk score from your disparate AST tools and results. Then these scores are augmented using your specific risk context. The best part? Brinqa risk scoring is transparent and flexible.

Confidently gain stakeholder buy-in

Development teams and business owners can be a tough crowd. Especially when security asks them to do something they don’t understand.

Whether it’s assigning a remediation ticket to the correct owner on the first try, explaining why you applied a critical severity SLA to a “medium” severity finding, or creating reports that motivate action, Brinqa helps you remediate risk in a way that aligns with existing business and development processes.

Executive & operational reports from one source

Today, application security teams typically face two less-than-optimal options: either creating multiple reports from various scanning tools or exporting everything into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Brinqa offers you a third choice. A better choice. A central location built on a dynamic graph database with flexible report-building options so that you can report on business risk to execs and report on vulnerabilities to remediation teams – all from the same place.

  • Brinqa enabled us to connect our disparate application security testing initiatives into a cohesive application risk management strategy.

    By identifying and focusing on our most critical applications, we drastically improved our overall security posture through targeted remediation of the most dangerous and impactful vulnerabilities.

    Fortune 500 Financial Services Firm

Improve your application security posture

Brinqa unifies your AppSec silos, prioritizes application security risks, and helps you effectively scale your ability to reduce the varying levels of risk associated with different business critical applications.

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