Brinqa integrates with BitSight to transform Vendor Risk Management

Mar 26, 2015
Brinqa Security Team

Integrated solution combines Brinqa VRM and BitSight Security Ratings to deliver Continuous Vendor Risk Management through Data-driven Security Ratings

Austin, TX– March 26, 2015 –  Brinqa, a leader in Unified Risk Management solutions and BitSight, the standard in security ratings, today announced a joint integration to deliver the industry’s first comprehensive and continuous Vendor Risk Management Solution. The integrated solution presents a holistic perspective of vendor risk by consolidating and harmonizing internal self-assessments with objective external evaluation.

“BitSight security ratings offer a unique and invaluable perspective to Vendor Risk – one that is objective, data-driven and continuous. The adaptability and extensibility of the Risk Analytics Platform underlying the Brinqa VRM solution make BitSight security ratings an ideal and natural complement to our solution.” Hilda Perez, President and Co-founder, Brinqa “We are excited to announce our partnership with BitSight to deliver a true breakthrough in how organizations evaluate and monitor vendor relationships.”

Complete, Comprehensive, Continuous — The integrated solution considers all aspects of a vendor’s profile and its usage within the organization. The solution combines business-driven risk classifications, contextual control assessments, continuous monitoring based on security events and diligence measures, closed loop remediation of gaps and threats, complete workflow and governance, and advanced analytics to gain insights and deliver the most complete model for vendor risk management.

Unified Governance — The integrated solution provides a central platform for analysis, rating and governance of all threats and gaps, whether identified internally or externally. The common medium promotes understanding and addressing gaps that are otherwise hidden under layers of detailed security data.

Advanced Analytics —The extensive security data collected by BitSight to evaluate its external compromise and diligence risk vectors is now accessible within the powerful Brinqa Risk Analytics Platform. Advanced diagnostics and analytics can be applied to this security data to get insights previously hidden. The analytics module can also be used independently outside of vendor management and governance as a powerful tool for security teams to benchmark their own security program against itself, peers, and industry.

“BitSight is very excited about this integration with Brinqa,” said BitSight Technologies Chief Product Officer and Co-founder, Nagarjuna Venna,  “Security Ratings alone are a minimum standard of care for assessing third party risk, but incorporation into a broader vendor risk management program, as Brinqa has done, levels the playing field for organizations who need to trust and verify, on an continuous basis, the security performance of their vendors. Brinqa and BitSight enable organizations to augment the point in time assessments and questionnaires that have defined security risk management practices up to this point. This is truly a terrific step forward for our joint customers and we look forward to seeing how this collaboration improves vendor risk management practices in the market as a whole.”

About Brinqa

Brinqa is a leading provider of unified risk management – enabling stakeholders, governance organizations, and infrastructure and security teams to effectively manage technology risk at the speed of business. Brinqa software and cloud services leverage an organization’s existing investment in systems, security, and governance programs to identify, measure, manage and monitor risk. With Brinqa, organizations are reducing response time to emerging threats, impact to business, and technology risk and compliance costs by over 50% through real-time risk analytics, automated risk assessments, prioritized remediation, actionable insights and improved communication.

Founded in 2008 by industry leaders in risk management with a proven track record in delivering cutting edge, innovative and cost-effective solutions. Brinqa’s award winning software and cloud services are trusted by fortune 500 companies across risk disciplines such as information technology risk, vendor risk, and regulatory compliance risk. Brinqa is headquartered in Austin, Texas and has a global presence.

About BitSight

BitSight Technologies is transforming how companies manage information security risk with objective, evidence-based security ratings. The company’s Security Rating Platform continuously analyzes vast amounts of external data on security behaviors in order to help organizations manage third party risk, benchmark performance, and assess and negotiate cyber insurance premiums. Based in Cambridge, MA, BitSight is backed by the

National Science Foundation, Commonwealth Capital Ventures, Flybridge Capital Partners, Globespan Capital Partners, and Menlo Ventures.


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