Brinqa + ERPScan = Comprehensive SAP & Oracle PeopleSoft Security

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We are very excited to welcome ERPScan to the Brinqa Technology Partnership Program. ERPScan is widely recognized as the premier provider of Enterprise solutions for SAP & Oracle PeopleSoft Security. The partnership goes beyond mere technical integration and delivers a ready-to-use, best-in-class integrated solution that leverages ERPScan’s thought and technology leadership in SAP & Oracle PeopleSoft security systems and Brinqa’s powerful analytics platform to deliver invaluable insight and immediate benefits to risk and security professionals.
If you are at GRC 2015 please visit the ERPScan booth for details about the integrated solution and a live demo.
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Enjoy the benefits when the most detailed ERP security solution comes together with the most powerful and comprehensive Risk Analytics platform to help you secure your most critical Business Applications.

  • Get unlimited scalability. Manage Business Application Security from a single place, where you can accumulate, analyze and report the most comprehensive ERP security data on vulnerabilities, configuration issues, compliance, source code issues, and SOD violations from every single application in your landscape.
  • Save time on daily operations. Manage risks at the enterprise level by integrating information from 7000+ configuration checks and 3000+ vulnerability checks from every SAP and Oracle system in one place with business context based correlation and advanced reporting from Brinqa.
  • Gain actionable insights. Get clear management level view with management dashboards to better understand highlights and represent the most common, damaging or imminent vulnerabilities across the landscapes; or which locations, business areas and assets are more secure or prone to danger in terms of compliance to regulations.
  • Get deeper understanding. Add invaluable context by augmenting security data with business priorities and mandates and by integrating OS and Network level security information from other sources such as Qualys, Rapid-7, Tennable, Tripwire, etc. into the Brinqa platform in addition to ERPScan’s data about specific application vulnerabilities in ERP, SRM, CRM, HR, and Industry solutions from SAP and Oracle.
  • Achieve closed-loop remediation. Operationalize your ERP security data with Brinqa ticketing & workflow management to deliver a seamless experience from discovery to user engagement and remediation.
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