IT Risk Management

A unified solution for assessment, monitoring and reporting of IT Risk

A Successful Program through Consistent, Repeatable Processes

Brinqa IT Risk Management is built from the ground up for optimal extensibility, scalability, computational magnitude and performance. This makes the solution ideal for representing complex risk models where new sources of data are being identified frequently, where risk evaluation strategies have to evolve to make room for new components or to account for changes in organizational goals and priorities and where individual end points of risk information often report risk records in the millions.

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Brinqa IT Risk Management

Brinqa ITRM leverages powerful and dynamic risk modeling, optimized contextual data collection, state-of-the-art risk and control framework, comprehensive governance and lifecycle management, advanced graph analytics and detailed risk reporting to deliver a complete framework for assessment, monitoring, reporting and treatment of technology risk.

Exhaustive Asset Risk Repository

It is crucial to maintain a single repository of all assets for which risk needs to be evaluated and monitored. Brinqa ITRM addresses this challenge by providing a dynamic inventory template representing most assets typically required to be monitored by an ITRM program. Built on the Brinqa Risk Analytics Platform, the advanced data modeling capabilities make it very easy for risk professionals to grow the asset inventory as required by managing different asset types.

Automated Risk Assessment Campaigns

The assessment framework supports intelligent assessments that evolve with changing scope and state of analysis to reduce responder fatigue and ensure the highest quality of manual data collection possible. Assessments make extensive use of Brinqa Risk and Control Framework to go beyond static data collection and provide powerful control evaluation and gap identification.

Issue Identification & Remediation

Brinqa ITRM enables automatic issue creation and consolidation based on rules as well as manual issue creation on an ad hoc basis. Brinqa Risk Matrices enable predictive remediation planning by simulating remediation of selected issues and analyzing the corresponding quantitative risk impact. The integrated Brinqa Risk and Control Framework provides clear guidelines to security professionals about the actions that may be taken to remediate a problem.

Continuous Monitoring

Evaluate and monitor security continuously by extracting relevant security data from different tools and parts of the IT infrastructure, transforming it into a common risk language and interpreting it according to the needs and priorities of business. Brinqa ITRM simplifies this crucial step through centralized connector management, providing a single interface in which to configure the extraction, normalization and contextualization of security data, utilizing more than a 100 purpose-built, out-of-the- box connectors available for a wide variety of security tools.

Risk and Compliance Reporting

Brinqa ITRM solution comes with a wide variety of technology and business hierarchy based reports targeted for a diverse audience ranging from C-level executives to engineering managers. Line-of- business and other organizational or reporting hierarchy based reports provide a clear view into which parts of the organization are most at risk. Technology oriented reports highlight the most critical and exploited threats and guide security teams towards remediation plans that deliver the most benefit to the organization.


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