Jun 21, 2023

Brinqa Announces Partnership with Checkmarx

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Today, we’re excited to announce a strategic partnership with Checkmarx. The copy below is from our official press release, you can learn more about how this partnership provides the world’s most complete application security solution on this page.

Austin, TX – June 21, 2023 – Brinqa, a leader in cyber risk management, today announced a strategic partnership with Checkmarx, the global leader in application security solutions, to help organizations build world-class application security programs that meet the needs of today’s evolving threat landscape. This partnership combines the industry leading risk-based prioritization, automation, and reporting in the Brinqa Attack Surface Intelligence Platform with the Checkmarx One™ Application Security Platform, the industry’s most comprehensive application security solution.

“Developing a modern vulnerability risk management program requires visibility into every part of your attack surface, including code and applications – and this partnership ensures companies have just that,” said Amad Fida, CEO and founder of Brinqa. “Combining Checkmarx One with Brinqa’s Attack Surface Intelligence platform empowers organizations to incorporate comprehensive AppSec insights into a companywide view of cyber risk, now and into the future.”

Insecure code, whether developed in-house or by third parties, is a leading source of data breaches. In fact, 46% of data breaches are tied to application vulnerabilities, according to the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, yet most organizations continue to focus on perimeter, network, and endpoint security, neglecting application security. Furthermore, as threat actors grow increasingly sophisticated, the risk of insecure code is becoming more and more prevalent.

Fortunately, awareness is growing and regulations are putting increased pressure on organizations to develop strong application security programs. For example, Executive Order (EO) 14028 requires agencies to enhance cybersecurity and software supply chain integrity and transition towards a “zero trust” approach, highlighting the critical nature of secure software development, requiring developers to maintain greater visibility into their software.

“Together with Brinqa, we are now able to further empower the enterprise to develop and evolve applications with simple and seamless security built in,” said Kobi Tzruya, Chief R&D Officer at Checkmarx. “This joint solution automates the application cyber risk and remediation lifecycle, ensuring the concept of ‘shift everywhere’ is adopted from the ground up. This is vital support for mission-critical application security teams in their efforts to reduce risk and ensure compliance while supporting business growth.”

Cyber advisory and solutions leader Optiv was instrumental in integrating the two technologies based on customer requests and market demand for more dynamic vulnerability management reporting.

“The partnership between Brinqa and Checkmarx gives our clients an innovative path to solve for modern application security challenges,” said Shawn Asmus, Practice Director of Application Security at Optiv. “Organizations are challenged with unifying the security management of their first-party code as well as third-party applications. By leveraging these technology platforms with proper configuration and automation, our clients can rapidly detect, prioritize, and respond to threats and vulnerabilities using proper business contexts. Additionally, the enhanced reporting capabilities make it possible to communicate in-platform to both technical and business audiences across each software business relationship.”

This joint solution between Checkmarx and Brinqa offers the industry’s most complete orchestration of the cyber risk lifecycle for code including Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), Software Composition Analysis (SCA) and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) capabilities, enabling automated vulnerability discovery, prioritization, remediation, and reporting. It also provides the services and expertise to plan, design, implement, and deliver application security programs while easily fitting into a customer’s existing vulnerability management program and providing a continuous, enterprise-wide program for cyber risk management.

To learn more about this integration, visit this page.

About Brinqa
Brinqa is the only company that orchestrates the entire cyber risk lifecycle — understanding the attack surface, prioritizing vulnerabilities, automating remediation, and continuously monitoring cyber hygiene — across all security tools and programs. Brinqa Attack Surface Intelligence Platform is the source of truth for cyber risk. It empowers organizations to elevate the security conversation, hold risk owners accountable, identify security control coverage gaps, and manage and track all vulnerabilities in a single platform. Based in Austin, Texas, Brinqa is backed by Insight Partners. Learn more at www.brinqa.com. See clearly. Act precisely.

About Checkmarx
Checkmarx is the leading application security provider, offering the industry’s most comprehensive and innovative cloud-native platform, Checkmarx One™. Fueled by intelligence from our industry leading AppSec security research team, our products and services enable enterprises to shift everywhere in order to secure every phase of development for every application while simultaneously balancing the dynamic needs of CISOs, security teams, and development teams. We are honored to serve more than 1,800 customers, including 60 percent of Fortune 100 organizations, and are committed to moving forward with an unwavering dedication to the safety and security of our customers and the applications that power our day-to-day lives. Follow Checkmarx on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. Checkmarx. Make Shift Happen.

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