Demo: Brinqa Vulnerability Risk Service

The Brinqa application addresses all critical needs of a comprehensive vulnerability risk program

Brinqa Vulnerability Risk Service is the most complete solution for the analysis, prioritization, remediation, and reporting of network and application vulnerabilities.

Brinqa Ecosystem Visualization

With this application, customers have full control over their TVM process – whether it is adjusting the risk prioritization model, representing vulnerability data in the context of business and operational entities, creating intelligent tickets or defining metrics and reports to track the effectiveness and efficiency of the vulnerability management program. Watch this recorded demo to see how the Brinqa application addresses all critical functions of a comprehensive vulnerability management program.

In this video we cover the following:

  • How to manage application views for a true representation of your organization’s vulnerabilities
  • How to set up Brinqa connectors to integrate data from all relevant sources – network scanners, CMDB systems, threat intel, ITSM, and more
  • How to use Brinqa rules to create tickets automatically based on predefined strategies and push them to external ITSM
  • How to create, manage and distribute targeted vulnerability management metrics, KPIs, and reports to all relevant stakeholders
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