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The CISO Perspective: Proactive Security

In this fireside chat, hear from the CISO at OneMain Financial and Brinqa CEO Amad Fida on how modern enterprises are leveraging a proactive security approach to:

🔥 Balance cyber risk exposure and business availability
🔥 Communicate risk exposure in a way stakeholders can understand
🔥 Lead a risk-based decision process on what risks should be remediated vs. accepted

Don’t have time to watch the whole recording? Hover over the video to find specific key sections from the event, or scroll down to hear short key takeaways.

Interested in seeing Brinqa in action? Watch a short video to see why Fortune 100 organizations partner with Brinqa to proactively manage cyber risk.

As discussed at this event, a Risk Operations Center (ROC) is the heart of a proactive security program, which streamlines workflows for managing and mitigating threat exposures from infrastructure, cloud, application security, and vulnerability management.

Download our free how-to guide today to learn the approach Brinqa clients Nestle, Adidas, Asurion and others are taking.

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