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Weekly InfoSec Roundup 08/03/18

How pervasive is the insider threat in your company?The pervasiveness of the insider threat is something every company worries about. And according to the conclusions reached by Dtex Systems based on threat assessments from several global organizations, 100 percent of companies have blind spots that

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 07/27/18

Two-Thirds of Organizations Hit in Supply-Chain AttacksNew global survey by CrowdStrike shows the average cost of a software supply chain attack is $1.1 million.Less than 40% of organizations in the US, UK, and Singapore have vetted all of their external suppliers in the past 12

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 07/20/18

"Red Alert" Warning on US Cyber-Attacks, Now at  "Critical Point"The United States' director of national intelligence issued a "red alert" warning on a dangerous new level of cyber-warfare during a Washington think tank conference. He also spoke of Russia as one of the "worst offenders"

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 07/02/18

Homeland Security subpoenas TwitterHomeland Security has served Twitter with a subpoena, demanding the account information of a data breach finder, credited with finding several large caches of exposed and leaking data.The New Zealand national, whose name isn't known but goes by the ha... â€‹Ream More Vulnerabilities Patched

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 06/25/2018

This Week in InfoSec we've seen phishing campaigns, ransomware, and breaches. Some vulnerability fixes and an announcement from Cisco to patch known vulnerability immediately.60,000 Android devices hit with ad-clicking bot malwareAndroid Hack mobile security A new malicious Android app has infected at least 60,000 devices

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 06/18/2018

This week in InfoSec news highlighted a plethora of new vulnerabilities and zero-day exploits. Be sure to register for our upcoming webinar Vulnerability Analytics: The Visual Language of Vulnerability Management.Nearly Half of All Web Apps Vulnerable to Unauthorized AccessNew research from Positive Technologies has discovered

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 06/15/2018

This week in infosec news was full of great articles highlighting new vulnerabilities and patches hitting the scene, along with some great reads on cyber threat intelligence and security vulnerabilities. Be sure to register for our upcoming webinar Vulnerability Analytics: The Visual Language of Vulnerability

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 06/08/2018

This week in infosec brought several zero-days and patches to quickly follow. With zero-days and critical vulnerabilities dropping daily it's important to stay up to date in our ever-changing and evolving industry. Brinqa also had an action-packed week attending InfoSec Europe and Secure World Chicago.Ticketfly

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 06/01/2018

Vulnerabilities were the name of the game this week in InfoSec news. The amount of threats and vulnerabilities is increasing at an exponential pace, be sure to catch on what ones were found this week. New Threats, Old Threats: Everywhere a ThreatFirst-quarter data shows crypto-jacking on

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