Collective Cyber Risk Management

Make risk reduction a priority for everybody — not just the security team


Challenges to Managing Cyber Risk

ICON - Expanded Attack Surface

Expanding Attack Surface

Cloud adoption, DevOps, IoT/OT...


Too Many Tools
and Findings

Impossible to fix every vulnerability

Ownership Complexity

Ownership Complexity

Teams aren't working together

Security Speak


Doesn’t reflect business priorities

One security strategy aligned to business priorities

Get the entire organization involved in improving your security posture with a collective approach to cyber risk management that spans teams, tools and programs.

Convert security teams into trusted advisors and prioritize future security investments through a common understanding of companywide risk.

Single source of truth for cyber risk

Model your attack surface with a complete inventory of assets and security tool findings that serves as the cyber risk source of truth for the organization.

Fix, track and communicate cyber risk by applying each stakeholder’s perspective — executives, app owners, operations and developers.

Reduce risk & your attack surface

Prioritize risk and target your response by incorporating app and infrastructure dependencies, business priorities, and likelihood of exploit to eliminate threats to your business quickly.

Increase the efficiency of your security team by automating the remediation & mitigation process. Fix more high-risk security findings, send fewer tickets, and enforce SLAs.

reduce risk at office

Motivate & enable stakeholders

Adopting a cyber risk strategy that everyone agrees upon, understands and trusts aligns the security team with the rest of the organization.

New initiatives include more comprehensive security plans, and owners engage the security team as trusted advisors who motivate, enable and hold risk owners accountable.

risk board meeting

Elevate the security conversation

Dashboards and metrics communicate at the business unit, app, asset and vulnerability level so stakeholders understand cyber risk from their perspective

The source of truth, common language, and business rollups of related risk make it easy to monitor, track and report on the state of your cybersecurity posture.

  • With Brinqa, we have been able to evaluate and represent our cyber risk in a perspective that is easily understood by our business owners and executives.

    This has been an absolute game-changer for us!

    Global Investment Research & Management Firm

Get the entire organization on the security bandwagon

Brinqa provides one platform to align the entire company around your cyber risk strategy and security program


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