[On-Demand] Brinqa AppSec Webinar: “Understanding Application Risk Management”

Team Brinqa

Originally aired on Wed, Feb. 6, 2019
Brinqa’s BrightTalk Channel

Application Risk Management is a discipline that tries to identify and remediate the most critical risks in an organization’s software infrastructure.

It does this by taking data from application security initiatives such as static analysis testing, dynamic or web application testing, open source vulnerabilities, and penetration testing – then enhancing the findings with additional data points such as asset management, CMDB, and threat intel to present an accurate picture of risk.

It also integrates operational pieces like ITSM to create an end-to-end program that analyzes, prioritizes and remediates software vulnerabilities while informing and engaging all relevant stakeholders.

In this session, we discuss why application risk management is such a critical function of modern InfoSec organizations – and the common challenges with designing and implementing these programs.

We look at an effective end-to-end process for application risk management that includes the analysis, prioritization, remediation, and reporting of risk. We also review a case study featuring a Fortune 500 Healthcare Firm. Plus, we provide guidance on the technical capabilities necessary to implement a complete application risk management process.

And finally, we look at the security tools that when integrated into your program can take your application security to next level.

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