Prioritize, Remediate, Secure.

A Comprehensive Solution for Streamlined Vulnerability Risk Management.

Intelligent, Risk Centric Vulnerability Management

Secured Critical Assets

Quantifies the business impact of vulnerabilities to identify and remediate the most critical, impactful problems.

Remediation Effectiveness

Enables efficient remediation efforts through consolidated tickets, enforced ownership and automated validations.

Reduced FTE Resources

Automates large parts of the vulnerability management process to free up FTE resource commitments.

Reduced Vulnerability Impact & Volume, Guaranteed.

We understand that to address vulnerability management effectively, you must combine real-time, real-world vulnerability intelligence with the business impact of technology assets, and analyze data from all your network monitoring and assessment systems in that context.

By combining advanced prioritization with automated remediation and validation management, you will see an immediate improvement in the number of vulnerabilities in your environment, as well as the security posture of your critical assets and infrastructure.

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Brinqa Threat & Vulnerability Management

Delivers a comprehensive vulnerability risk model with pre-configured integrations to all your relevant tools and systems - CMDB, vulnerability scanners, threat intelligence, ITSM, and more. Enhance our risk models by bringing in additional data points like network configuration management, security analytics, etc. to create a risk representation that is as unique as your organization’s technology ecosystem.

Discover Your True Vulnerability Risk Identity

Brinqa TVM delivers a comprehensive, out of the box vulnerability and threat risk model that is ready to consolidate and analyze all common sources of vulnerability, threat and asset data. But you don’t have to stop there.

With Brinqa you have complete control over your risk methodology. Bring in additional sources and risk factors to augment the risk model. Create new views, cross sections and pivots to present technology risk in the language of your business.

Integrate and Correlate, with Point and Click Ease

Single click, simple integration setup for your vulnerability scanners, CMDB, threat intel, ITSM, and other systems gives you instant visibility into risk and prioritization of assets and vulnerabilities.

We've done all the hard work of mapping and normalizing data from hundreds of security systems - turning what used to be time and effort intensive ETL processes into a simple, one time task.

Brinqa TVM is supported by our entire library of 100+ connectors to security and business systems.

Contextual Prioritization based on Value, Impact, Likelihood

Brinqa TVM automatically collects and correlates vulnerability and asset intelligence from internal and external sources to give you the most complete picture of the value and impact of your technology assets and the risks associated with them.

Harden your critical assets while simultaneously reducing the attack surface for your entire organization.

Create Fewer, Smarter Tickets... Automatically

Increase your remediation coverage while reducing the overhead associated with managing tickets. Consolidate vulnerabilities into tickets based on real world dimensions - ownership, shared patches, location, etc. - to improve remediation efficiency drastically.

Brinqa Rules Engine delivers a painless way to create, track and validate tickets with minimal manual effort involved. Ensure accurate ownership assignment and SLA enforcement through simple rule conditions and experience improved consistency of remediation efforts.

Inform, Engage and Delight your Stakeholders

Exercise complete control over the presentation of your vulnerability and asset data through published and self-service metrics, reports and dashboards. Create and deliver bespoke metrics, KPIs and KRIs to each of your stakeholders through a single analytics interface.

Validate Remediation, Mitigation Efforts with Confidence

No longer do you have to wait for days before validating your remediation and mitigation actions. Brinqa TVM can automatically identify when all the actions associated with a ticket have been completed and trigger validation actions with your monitoring systems without any human intervention.

Now your security teams can focus on hardening your technology infrastructure, instead of managing tickets.


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