Vulnerability Risk Service

Remediate high-risk vulnerabilities faster through knowledge-driven cyber risk insights.

Brinqa Vulnerability Risk Service connects, models and analyzes all relevant security, context and threat data to deliver knowledge-driven insights for vulnerability prioritization, remediation and reporting.

Effective Asset Management

Consolidate data from all relevant asset discovery and inventory systems to provide complete visibility into your IT infrastructure.

Complete Asset Context

Map all relevant business context dimensions like ownership, escalation chains, data classification, regulatory requirements, and operational status for true asset value and impact.

Accurate Vulnerability Enumeration

Coalesce and de-duplicate vulnerability records across all active assessment, passive scanning, and security advisories while filtering out false positives to create an accurate picture of your infrastructure vulnerabilities.
Risk-based Vulnerability Prioritization
Incorporate all relevant business impact and threat intelligence factors to prioritize the vulnerabilities that pose the biggest risk to your organization.

Effective Risk Treatment

Exercise a full range of risk treatment options — from remediation to mitigation and acceptance —and address each vulnerability in the most effective manner.

Continuous Validation & Learning

Constantly improve your vulnerability management program by iteratively applying the insights and knowledge acquired to inform policy and decision making

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