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Today we gave a sneak peek at new features coming to our risk analytics platform this fall that will give C-level executives the most comprehensive view of risk available on the market.

The new capabilities will make risk even more transparent, allowing C-level executives to manage present and future risks by providing a complete understanding of consequences in “what if” scenarios and allow them to put a price on risk, which ultimately will allow them to make more informed decisions on risk within their organizations.

The new capabilities include:

  • Enhanced visualizations for mobile, tablet and retina-enabled desktop devices
  • Dynamic assessments/survey
  • New connectors including for IBM z-Secure, qRadar, JIRA, ServiceNow
  • Industry-first business intelligence (BI) model for user-defined dashboards and reports
  • Advanced machine learning integrated with smart analytics
  • Customizable library of more than 170 out-of-the-box functions for increased flexibility
  • Accelerated data processing for faster data integration, correlation searching and calculation
  • New compatibility with mainframe operating systems such as IBM Z/OS, and z-Linux platforms

We’re thrilled to unveil these new features. They solidify Brinqa’s position as the most affordable and easy to use platform in the industry today, offering more data aggregation, correlation and analysis covering more business functions than any other single solution available.

We’ve opened up risk management to the masses, allowing businesses that once struggled with interpreting big data to gain a complete understanding of their risk down to the smallest detail. We are able to really communicate risk to executives and businesses by putting a price on risk, speaking in a non-techie language that everyone can understand. They can then say, “I understand what impact this risk has. Let me decide what is best for my business in terms of what goals I need to achieve.”

To read more about today’s announcement, click here.

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