Seeing Is Believing

One of the key features of Brinqa is the ability to delve into the details and allow our users to really look at the root cause of what’s going on. With Brinqa, our users can go from a business process all the way down into the database that supports that business process to understand the risk associated all the way through. They’re able to map all this information together and are able to look at it at each level to determine where their risk lies.


A Custom View

One of the big things that our users are excited about is the ability to adjust thresholds and tolerance levels based on the view they are looking at. So if a CIO wants to have his own threshold and not be alerted until a particular scenario arises, we can have that set up. So the CIO can have a different threshold level versus the CISO, etc. With Brinqa, we can set up those adjustable threshold and tolerance levels for a custom view for everyone.


Taking a Deeper Dive

Once the data has been aggregated and brought in and the information has been calculated and correlated, Brinqa has the ability to display that information in a way that makes sense to the organization. Brinqa users are able to drill down specifically into those views and see where the actual risks lie. It gives our users the ability to address the issues that are most important to their organizations based off of risks. It takes them from a gap-based approach of looking at issues to a risk-based approach of looking at issues.


A Clear Picture

With a deeper dive, Brinqa users can say “okay, these are the top ten issues I need to address today that will have the biggest bang for the buck to my organization.” This is the cornerstone of what Brinqa is all about. Brinqa provides users with the risk analytics that give them the ability to make much more informed decisions and increase operational efficiencies across the organization. With Brinqa, we give organizations a complete view of risk, from the aggregation standpoint all the way to being able to remediate the issues that are most important to them.


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